M-one and M-10 Vacuum Mass Comparators

The world renowned Vacuum Comparators with nanogram resolution are the reference in mass  determination and in use in national  metrology institutes.
Technical Specification
Capacity up to 10 kg and Readabilty up to 0.1 µg 
International Reference
Unrivaled repeatability to meet national lab demand. 
Automated Weight Calibration
Up to 6 weights, fully automated measurement 
Uninterrupted Measurements of Multiple Artefacts
Load Artefact with Load-Lock under constant vacuum 
Individual Accessibility
Through Front Window, Load-Lock and Vertical Lift 
Controlled Environment
Klimet A30 & A30V for ambient, constant pressure and vacuum 
Wordwide Comparison of Scientific Artefacts
Eliminaition of environmental influences enables inter-country  comparison