JP Balances (Jewelry Plus)

More features as standard: Fully automatic time- and temperature-controlled internal adjustment (FACT) for peace of mind. A high contrast HCD display for maximum readability. Two RS232 interfaces for simultaneous connection of an auxiliary display and printer or PC. Built-in density determination software.

Application                        Fully automatic time and temperature controlled internal adjustment           
                                          Density, Check Weighing, Statistics, 
                                          Totaling, Recall, Piece Counting, Percent Weighing,
                                          Free Factor, Diagnostics.   
                                          Metal Housing
                                          Density Determination
                                          Built-in Time and Date Function
                                          17 Weighing Units
                                          Standby Mode
                                          Overload Protection
                                          Below Weighing
                                          Battery Operation

Interface                          2 x RS232

Calibration                       FACT


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