Uptime (Support & Repair)

Uptime (Support & Repair)

Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO Service optimizes the uptime of your equipment and provides you with support when and where you need it.

Your equipment’s availability is critical to you. With Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO , you have robust and reliable instruments that provide many years of dependable operation. You expect your equipment to be up and running under any circumstance.

  • You want to reduce possible downtime of your instruments and equipment caused by breakdown, parts failures or general wear and tear to the absolute minimum.
  • You want support from our experts when you need it – on-site or remote.
  • You want to preserve your investment, control your costs and ensure the maximum lifetime for your equipment.

Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO  Service knows how to provide you with maximum benefit from your investment. Our service offering ensures maximum uptime of your equipment by relying on the industry’s densest network of field service, remote experts and by using state of the art tools and technology.

Uptime Services include:

  • Spare parts & kits
    For simple failures and replacements, you want your technical team to exchange parts themselves. Our spare parts and kits provide you with in-stock availability of the most commonly used parts. This allows your technical team to quickly exchange parts for simple failures and replacements ensuring minimum downtime.
  • Wear & tear parts
    Mechanical moving parts, he


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