Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO Services

Support & Repair

Remote monitoring and diagnostics, spare parts and kits, onsite-depot repair, wear/tear parts and refurbishment

Maintenance & Support

Application support, qualified installation, setup and configuration, software maintenance, instrument and process optimization, preventive maintenance

Quality Assurance & Certification

Weights and measures support, qualification, validation, documentation, testing, calibration and calibration certificates, legal verification

Training & Education

Expert seminars, application trainings, literature and downloads, consulting, customization, system and process integration, basic user and technical training

Support & Repair

Uptime (Support & Repair)

Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO Service optimizes the uptime of your equipment and provides you with support when and where you need it.

Your equipment’s availability is critical to you. With Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO , you have robust and reliable instruments that provide many years of dependable operation. You expect your equipment to be up and running under any circumstance.

  • You want to reduce possible downtime of your instruments and equipment caused by breakdown, parts failures or general wear and tear to the absolute minimum.
  • You want support from our experts when you need it – on-site or remote.
  • You want to preserve your investment, control your costs and ensure the maximum lifetime for your equipment.

Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO  Service knows how to provide you with maximum benefit from your investment. Our service offering ensures maximum uptime of your equipment by relying on the industry’s densest network of field service, remote experts and by using state of the art tools and technology.

Uptime Services include:

  • Spare parts & kits
    For simple failures and replacements, you want your technical team to exchange parts themselves. Our spare parts and kits provide you with in-stock availability of the most commonly used parts. This allows your technical team to quickly exchange parts for simple failures and replacements ensuring minimum downtime.
  • Wear & tear parts
    Mechanical moving parts, he


Maintenance & Support

Performance (Maintenance & Support)

Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO  Service focuses on helping you get the most out of your equipment

The performance of your precision instruments and measurement equipments is vital to your company’s success. You need your operations to run smoothly and produce the highest quality products and results. Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO  Service provides you with high-performance equipment and software as well as expert service and support to give you the best use of your equipment and its capabilities.

  • You want your instrument to run at peak performance. Our experts ensure a qualified installation of your instrument and software. We analyze your application and environment, determine your needs and setup the optimal configuration and settings for your solution.
  • You want the equipment to maintain its performance over its lifetime. Our preventive maintenance programs guarantee the highest reliability and accuracy, and determine what is necessary to ensure the best performance even under critical circumstances.
  • You want to stay up-to-date with your solution and get the benefits of the latest developments and enhancements. With our software maintenance and upgrade offerings, we ensure that your equipment maintains its cutting edge capabilities for many years to come.
  • You have special application requirements and want to use the instrument in an optimal way to get the results you want. Our applications experts will help you adapt the equipments settings, functions and applications to your needs.


Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO Service knows what it takes to get the best performance out of your solution. Our service offerings help you customize and tune your equipment to meet your particular needs and requirements.


Performance Services include:

  • Qualified installation
    Whether you work under GMP, GLP, ISO 9000 or have rigorous customer specifications to meet, you need equipment installation documentation by a qualified expert. Our documented installation confirms that equipment performance at your location complies with your requirements.
  • Setup and configuration
    Our Instruments and solutions are versatile and can be setup and configured specific to your needs. Our service engineers know how to adapt the instruments to your particular application and environment to ensure the best performance under any condition.
  • Instrument and process optimization
    Our years of experience and knowledge help you to optimize the usage of your instrument. We go beyond your expectations and help you to optimize the entire process for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Application support
    Our support engineers partner with you to define and improve your particular applications. Dedicated application expert teams develop customized applications specific to your needs.
  • Software maintenance
    We improve and enhance the application software of your instrument on a continuous basis. With a software maintenance agreement you can ensure that your instrument is up-to-date and has the latest enhancements available for best performance.
  • Preventive maintenance
    As the market leader with many decades of service and support experience, we know what it takes for optimal instrument performance today and on-going for many years to come.


Quality Assurance & Certification

Compliance (Quality Assurance & Certification)

Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO Service ensures you stay compliant and you have peace of mind regarding your measurement results

You hold yourself to the highest standards of product quality. Your measurement equipment is the centerpiece of your quality system and you want to be sure that your measurement results meet any and all internal and external requirements.

  • You want to be sure that your measurement results are accurate and within specifications.
  • You want support from our experts on compliance in regards to external regulations and to understand the implications of the regulations on your operations.
  • You want to ensure that you will pass any internal or external audit of your equipment flawlessly.

Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO Service knows what it takes to stay compliant. Our service offerings ensure that you can relax and focus on your operations without worrying about your measurement results.

Compliance Services include:

  • Weights and measures support
    We help you determine the legal requirements if you work in a weights and measures regulated application. We ensure your measurement instrument stays compliant with local laws.
  • Qualification and validation
    We help you qualify your instrument and validate your software and systems for appropriate usage under any regulated conditions. Rely on our experience as the market leader.
  • Documentation and testing
    We provide you with all necessary documentation for your valuable instrument to stay compliant with internal and external regulations. We help you determine what the necessary testing procedures are to ensure that your measurement results are always accurate and reliable.
  • Calibration and certificates
    We help you determine which calibration procedures and frequency are required for your instrument to stay compliant. With our unique MiraCal tool, our service engineers provide you with consistent, traceable certificates in printed and electronic formats.
  • Legal verification


Training & Education

Expertise (Training & Education)

Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO Service enables your team to operate more efficiently and effectively – from basic user trainings and documentation to expert seminars


  • You want to ensure your team has the necessary knowledge and confidence to efficiently and effectively operate your equipment.
  • You want your operators and technical staff to know how to handle and maintain your equipment.
  • You want to be informed about the latest developments in your industry.
  • You want to have access to all information necessary to operate your instruments at the highest level.


Main Distributor of METTLER TOLEDO  Service brings your team up to speed on your equipment and prepares them for the tasks ahead. Benefit from the market leader’s knowledge in technology, user applications and regulations.


Expertise Services include:

  • Basic user and technical trainings
    From standard classroom trainings to individual on-the-job coaching and support, we offer a wide range of customizable training events providing your team with the necessary performance knowledge.
  • Advanced application trainings
    Our industry and application experts around the world make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest developments in technology, regulations and instrument applications.
  • Literature and downloads
    When you need additional documentation, access to a lost or misplaced manual or you wish to get the latest news on your instrument and applications – we have all of the necessary files in our download area.
  • Consulting and customization
  • System and process integration
  • Expert seminars